Sheepy has many commands that you can use, and more are being constantly added!

Guild Commands

Command Description Usage Aliases
help List all commands, or help for a specific command >help [command] none
poll Create a poll that allows users to vote upon using reactions >poll question|answer|answer... none
suggest Give suggestions to your Guild >suggest setchannel/suggestion [#channel] none
stats Display Sheepy's statistics >stats none
shard Check what shard your Guild operates in >shard none
vote Get the URLs to vote and earn up to 500 lemons a day >vote none
refresh Refresh cached settings for your Guild >refresh none

Role Commands

Role Commands allow users to obtain self-assignable roles

Command Description Usage Aliases
autorole Assign an emote that will automatically add/revoke a role upon being clicked autorole [assign/remove] [messageId] [role] [emote] none
addrole Add a role to the list of self-assignable roles >addrole [@role] none
delrole Remove a role from the list of self-assignable roles >delrole [@role] none
arole Assign a self-assignable role to yourself >arole [@role] none
rrole Remove a self-assignable role from yourself >rrole [@role] none
roles List all available self-assignable roles >roles none

Fun Commands

Command Description Usage Aliases
sherlock Display a random Sherlock gif >sherlock none
patrick Display a random Patrick Star image >patrick none
marry Find your true love, and marry them >marry [@user]
>marry divorce
>marry partner @user
raffle Roll a random user in the Guild >raffle none
dog Generate a random dog image from r/dogpictures >dog [breed] none
insult Insult your friends using Elizabethan insults >insult @user fancyinsult
ship Ship your friends to find the perfect couple >ship @user1 @user2 none
quote Generate a random famous quote >quote none
NSFW urbandictionary Search the Urban Dictionary >urban [search] ud, urban
bunny Generate a random bunny image >bunny rabbit, bunbun
bird Generate a random bird image >bird birb
cat Generate a random cat image >cat kitty, kitten, meow
meme Generate a random meme from r/memes >meme none
dankmeme Generate a random dank meme from r/dankmemes >dankmeme none
reddit Get images from your favourite sub reddit >reddit [subreddit] none
hug Hug your friends, or you can hug yourself if you're feeling lonely >hug [user] none
slap Give someone a slap...or your friends if you're into that >slap [user] bitchslap
kiss Kiss your loved ones, or try kissing yourself... >kiss [user] none
pat Pat your loved ones (or not, who cares?) >pat [user] none
tickle Tickle some users >tickle [user] none
lick Lick your friends, or lick yourself.. we don't judge. >lick [user] none
pepe Get an image of a random pepe >pepe none
aww Get an absolutely adorable image from r/aww >aww none
remindme Tell Sheepy to remind you about that food in the oven, get your regular dose of memes or well.. whatever floats your boat... >remindme [1h,2m,3s] [reminder] none
flip Flip a coin...Heads or tails? >flip coinflip
say Make Sheepy say what you want...your wish is my command master >say [text] none
wallpaper Get a cool anime wallpaper >wallpaper none
foodporn Yummy, yummy food porn >foodporn fp, food
portal Get an image from /r/portal >portal none
owo Twanysfowm youw message inyto weeb twash >owo [message] none
dogfact Generate a random dog fact >dogfact df
catfact Generate a random cat fact >catfact cf
advice Get some free advice >advice none
todayinhistory Get a random event from Today in History >todayinhistory today, tih, history
remindme Set a reminder >remindme [duration] [reminder] remind, reminder, setreminder
youtube Search for a video on YouTube >youtube [search] none
8ball Consult the magic 8ball to answer your questions >8ball [question] none
user Display information about a user >user [@user] none

Music Commands

Command Description Usage Aliases
play Request a song to be added to the queue >play [youtube search]
>play [youtube url]
pause Pause/resume the current song >pause none
shuffle Shuffle the queue >shuffle none
stop Make Sheepy stop playing and leave the voice channel. >stop none
skip Skip to the next song
Users without these permissions will vote to skip
>skip none
queue Display the next 10 songs in the queue >queue none
playing Display info about the currently playing song >playing nowplaying, song, np
repeat Repeat the current song >repeat replay
restart Start the song from the beginning >restart none
remove Remove a song from the queue >restart [trackId or @mention] none
lyrics Get the lyrics to the current playing song to have the ultimate karaoke >lyrics none
seek Skip to a certain time in the song >seek [time] (for example 3:30 or 23:53) none
volume Change the volume of the current song >volume [1-150] (higher tha 100 is ear rape) vol
playlist View and manage your Guilds playlist >playlist plist
autoplay When the music queue finishes, search YouTube for related videos. >autoplay none

Moderation Commands

The moderation commands are a work-in-progress.
Expect more to be added in the future.

Command Description Usage Aliases
clear Clear the chat from up to 100 messages
If you include a user, it will search the last 100 messages and remove the user's messages
>clear @user [amount] purge, delete
ban Ban a user >ban @user [reason] b
softban Ban a user and unban the user, removing 7 days of message history >softban @user [reason] sb
tempban Temporarily ban a user >tempban @user [time] e.g. 5h12m sb
kick Kick a user >kick @user [reason] k
warn Give a user a warning >warn @user [reason] w
warns Search a users past warnings >warns @user warnings
pardon Remove 1 warn from the user >pardon @user p
mute Assign a specified role to a user to revoke message sending permissions >mute @user m
tempmute Temporarily assign a specified role to a user to revoke message sending permissions >tempmute @user [time] e.g. 5h12m tm

Economy Commands

Currency generation is disabled by default in every channel.
You must enable it in every channel you want to generate currency in using >gc.

Command Description Usage Aliases
award Add lemons to a users balance >award [@user] none
take Take balance from a users balance >take [@user] none
balance Display your lemon balance, or another users >balance [@user] bal, $, money, moneys
give Donate lemons to another user >give [amount] [@user] donate
pick Pick lemons that users have thrown or have been generated >pick none
throw Throw lemons on the floor >throw [amount] none
generatecurrency Enable currency generation in that channel >generatecurrency gc
daily Get your daily vitamin C >daily none
work Everyone has to work once in their life, on the brightside at least the pay is decent. >work none
crime For those that don't really feel like corporate jobs are the way to go >crime none
stall When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Create your own lemonade stall and earn some money in the process. >stall [lemons] none
roll Roll a random number for the chance to earn more lemons >roll [amount] gamble
wheel Try your luck with the Sheepy Wheel >wheel [bet] none
slots Gamble all your money away with Sheepy Slots >slots [bet] none
blackjack Blackjack in Discord >blackjack [bet] bj
shop Show items for sale in your current Guild >shop none
shopadd Add an item to the Guild shop >shopadd [price] item 📺 TV
>shopadd [price] role @MyRole
shopremove remove an item from the Guild shop >shopremove [id] sr
buy Buy an item from the shop >buy [id] none
giveitem Give an item out of your inventory to a very special friend. >giveitem [id] [user] none
profile Show your profile card >profile none
inventory List items you've bought in the shop >inventory none
myroles List roles you've bought in the shop >myroles none
equip Equip (give yourself) a role you've bought in the shop >equip [role name] none
unequip Unequip (remove from yourself) a role you've bought in the shop >unequip [role name] none
dispose Dispose of an item you've bought in the shop >dispose [id] none
crates Open crates using the keys obtained from talking >crates
>crates [1/2/3]

Level Commands

Level commands are disabled by default.

Command Description Usage Aliases
rank Display your rank or another users' rank >rank [@user] none
levels Display leaderboards for your Guild >levels none
disablexp Disable members gaining XP in the current channel >disablexp none
resetxp Someone been bad? Reset their XP! >resetxp [@user] none
awardlevels Give some levels as a reward for being good >awardlevels [levels] [@user] alevels
removelevels Remove levels from a user >removelevels [levels] [@user] rlevels